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Real People Improving Processes to Drive Performance.

TGC Group is a full service Development, Investment, Construction, and Hospitality Management company focused on the acquisition, syndication and development of restaurant, hospitality, commercial and multi-family properties throughout the country. TGC doesn’t just develop “projects”, it primarily develops confidence and relationships with its lenders, investment partners, franchise partners and vendors.


TGC functions as a preferred developer for its clients and through its subsidiary holding companies and strategic partnerships, it owns and operates franchised restaurant and hotel locations nationwide. The objective of TGC Group going forward is to continue to utilize our talents to function as a fee developer, syndicator of business and real estate assets and to acquire equity stakes through the subsidiary holding companies in the assets that are acquired and / or developed with specific focus on hospitality, restaurant, multi-family and other service based business’.


We are constantly reviewing and analyzing business and investment opportunities that can add value and provide long term success and returns to our holding companies and investment partners.


Our mission is to create investment opportunities that enhance communities and deliver the highest customer experience by acquiring, developing and managing properties with professionalism and efficiency that result in growth and sustained value to our investors.

At the core, TGC Group believes...

  • Our best investment will always be in people, not properties.

  • Integrity, respect and honesty are required for a business to truly be successful.

  • Respect people, respect the land, respect the community.

  • All development must be appropriate for and add value to the community.

  • It is our responsibility to serve our clients with the highest level of professionalism, teamwork and transparency to ensure fairness and accountability.

  • We are stewards of our clients and customers trust.


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